Tank2GoTechnical Details

Technical details

  • All the components are manufactured to ISO 9001 standard.
  • The frame is made from 316-marine grade stainless steel tube.
  • The handle, hinge, clip and rollers are made from Jiiputal poly-acetyl resin, which is an extremely hard wearing and durable engineering plastic; that is also UV and salt water resistant.
  • The twin carrier is secured to the twin cylinders by using the twinning band’s nuts and a pair of heavy-duty stainless steel square plates, to secure the frame in place.
  • The single cylinder carrier can be secured either by the BC cylinder strap, or semi-permanently by using the securing band offered on the Buy Now page.
  • Both the twin and the single cylinder Tank2Go carrier have upper and lower handles as an intrinsic part of the design. Once mounted on the cylinder(s) the carrier then provides stability for the fitment of BCJ or Wing, demand valves and any other ancillaries needed for the dive.
  • The Twin weighs 1.7 kg; and the Single weighs 1.6 kg.