Tank2GoTank2Go Benefits

The tank2go - For Single Cylinders

Our new Tank2Go single cylinder carrier comes in a single size that caters for 7ltr, 10ltr, 12ltr and 15ltr size cylinders: it make use of the cummerbund of the BC backpack to hold the cylinder in place. If needed, a stainless steel band can be purchased separately to provide a more permanent fitting of the cylinder to the carrier.

Like our Twin Set version, the Tank2Go Single stays fitted all the time, so it is always ready for use.

  • The integrated handles allow the cylinder to be lifted more easily either by a single diver, or when required by two divers e.g. when descending or climbing steep harbour steps.
  • It is lightweight, yet tough and durable as it is manufactured from marine-grade materials.
  • The frame offers the potential to mount additional equipment securely and easily.
  • Only a few simple maintenance activities are required.
  • And where legislation is involved, it provides manual handling assistance that satisfies the requirements of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992; as it:
    • Avoids hazardous manual handling so far is reasonably practicable
    • And reduces the risk of injury so far as is reasonably practicable